The Complete Patio Sealant System

Sealing patios and pavers are essential to ensure a long service life and remain in tip-top condition. The new Siloxol product family now available from Twistfix contains two products that offer a complete, comprehensive patio sealing system: Siloxol Patio Cleaner and Siloxol Triple-Action Patio Sealant.

This edition of the Twistfix blog will showcase these products and provide step-by-step guides explaining how to use them for optimum results.

Siloxol Patio Cleaner.

The first step to sealing patios and pavers is proper cleaning. With Siloxol Patio Cleaner, you can rapidly, safely and decisively kill organic growth like algae, lichens and mould that may have formed on outdoor surfaces like patios, paths and driveways made from materials like brick, stone and concrete. The highly effective yet non-corrosive formula lowers maintenance requirements, allowing the surface to be cleaned easily without the need for potentially-damaging pressure washing.

How to Use Siloxol Patio Cleaner

  • The substrate should be completely dry before application. Ensure that no rain is forecast for at least one hour after complete application. 
  • Use a stiff brush to remove dust, debris or other loose material. 
  • You can now apply the formula using a roller, spray, or brush. One litre of the formulation is sufficient to treat around five square metres of surface. 
  • Leave for at least one hour; if possible, it is recommended that the product be left to act overnight.
  • Using water from a hose and a stiff-bristle brush, clean off the dead lichens, algae and/or mould. 

Siloxol Triple-Action Patio Sealant

Using state-of-the-art nanotechnology, Siloxol Triple-Action Patio Sealant creates an extremely fine coating that protects patios, paths and driveways. After penetrating deeply into these substrates, the minute particles within the formula pack tightly together, producing a colour-enhancing protective covering that strongly resists abrasion, staining and moisture. The coating is breathable and UV-stable, creating a durable, hard-wearing finish.

How to Use Siloxol Triple-Action Patio Sealant.

  • Apply Siloxol Patio Cleaner as described above.
  • Choose a day to apply the formula when there is no rain forecast for the following eight hours. Make sure that the temperature of the substrate is at a minimum of 3°C. The product is NOT suitable for use on substrates with low porosity such as slate, granite or marble.
  • Gently shake the bottle before use and decant the contents into a washing-up bowl or other suitable containers. 
  • Saturate a short-pile roller with the formula before wiping off any excess against the inside of the container. 
  • Begin to apply a coat of Siloxol Triple-Action Patio Sealant. Make sure the coating fully saturates the substrate without any pooling. 
  • Leave the formula to soak in and wait for it to become dry to the touch; this can take an hour. 
  • You can now apply a second coat that is lighter than the first. Do not saturate the substrate. If there is any pooling, make sure the excess is removed before it has time to dry, as any dried liquid can not subsequently be removed. 
  • Immediately clean containers and tools using warm, soapy water.
  • After six hours, the substrate will be rain-proof. Foot traffic is possible after eight hours, although 24 hours is recommended. After four days, the surface will be fully cured, achieving complete resistance to stains and abrasions. 

For more details about these products and others  from the new Siloxol collection, please browse the Twistfix website.

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