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Nuaire Dri-Eco-LC

Eco Condensation Fans are Nuaire’s entry level positive input ventilation units which gently supply tempered, filtered air into the home. Positive ventilation removes indoor air pollutants and excessive water vapour.
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Dri- Eco -RH

DRI-ECO-RH is an optional, wireless remote humidity sensor compatible with the DRI-ECO-LINK-HC and the DRI-ECO-HEAT-HC Positive Input Ventilation systems.
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Dri-Eco 4S

The Dri-Eco-4S is a wireless 4 button switch offering manual control over the Dri-Eco-Heat-HC Positive Input Ventilation system.
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The Dri-Eco-2S is a wireless 2 button switch offering manual control over DRI-ECO-LINK-HC Positive Input Ventilation system.
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Nuaire Dri-Eco 3 Storey loft fan is suitable for three storey properties by using an intumescent diffuser in order to meet fire regulation standards. Drawing fresh air from the loft , dispersing it through the property to alleviate condensation.
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Nuaire Dri-Eco-HC is an intelligent anti-condensation control fan. Airflow is automatically boosted by the fan to take advantage of the free thermal gain temperature in the loft is greater than that in the home
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Dri-Eco-Heat-HC Heat is a highly effective condensation control unit. A loft mounted positive ventilation fan incorporating an integral heater to cure severe condensation problems through the cold damp winter months
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The Dri-Eco-Link-HC fan provides whole home ventilation using the Positive Input Technology introducing fresh filtered air into the dwelling at a continuous rate encouraging movement of air from the inside to outside alleviating condensation.
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Drimaster 365

The Drimaster 365 system supplies the best of both worlds, tempered air circulation during the condensation season and cool fresh air for warm stuffy nights. Significantly improves indoor air quality
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Flatmaster 2000

Flatmaster 2000 is an effective anti-condensation fan incorporating a thermos­tati­cally controlled heater. It supplies positive input ventilation for the removal of excess moisture laden air to reduce damp and mould on walls and ceilings.
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Nuaire Flatmaster

Flatmaster is a low cost, low energy positive input ventilation unit for condensation control in flats and apartments. An entry level Nuaire anti-condensation unit at a budget price
  • RRP £349.80
  • £337.99
  • £281.66
Nuaire fans control humidity to combat condensation

Nuaire manufacture an array of positive input ventilation fans. Twistfix supply of a selection of Nuaire fans for controlling humidity and getting rid of condensation in the home