Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are a vital aspect of property maintenance.

Roof and gutters should be kept in a good condition to enable a property to remain weather-tight.

Defective roof coverings, valleys, gutters and flashings can go unnoticed with the first signs that repairs are needed being when stains are noticed on walls and ceilings after a period of rainfall. Once internal damage occurs there tends to a bigger repair bill than that needed just to fix the roof.

Roof RepairsAll roof coatings and coverings need maintenance checks carried out every few years. Roof coverings can have varying degrees of longevity according to the materials used, the exposure to the elements and the regularity of maintenance. The same is also true of other roofing elements such as, flashings, valleys and gutters.

The roof is the first defence homes have to the UK weather. Regular maintenance, including small roof repairs like moss removal and gutter cleaning will help keep homes water-tight.

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Firestone EPDM Shed Roof Kit

Firestone EPDM Shed Roof Kit

Firestone Rubber EPDM Membrane Shed Kit (in a box). This is the perfect kit, with everything you need to waterproof your shed roof in a box. Available in five different shed sizes.
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