Twistfix attacks Woodworm and Rot

During the Spring and Summer months woodworm can be seen exiting flooring and roof timbers in properties everywhere.  Also known as the Common Furniture Beetle they are attracted by light and are often seen near windows, window sills and loft hatches once they have emerged from flight holes in the wood

If left untreated the beetles can cause serious damage to structural timbers.  Whether treating old timbers or new high risk timbers such as joist ends, purlins and wall plates, Twistfix have a timber treatment solution for treating woodworm infestation and preserving wood against rot and fungal decay.

Dual Action Wood Preservative

Lignum Multi-Purpose Wood Preservative is a treatment used for the prevention and eradication of common furniture beetle and other wood boring insects in building timbers. It is a general purpose treatment for insect attack and to protect timbers that are at risk from fungal decay (wet/dry rot) during the drying period following the elimination of the sources of moisture. Special properties include;

  • Effective against all wood boring insects and wood rotting fungi
  • Excellent penetration-fast drying
  • Low odour and non flammable - HSE 1 hour re-entry classification
  • Brush/ Spray = 1ltr of diluted fluid to 3-4m2 of surface area

Twistfix offer a full range of timber and wood treatment products, for the building maintenance professional, which will treat woodworm as well as preserving wood from rot and fungal decay. They are all at trade prices and we offer a selection of wood and timber treatments for use in vulnerable situations as well as multi-action treatments for remedial applications by preservation specialists and builders.

Our wood preservatives are for professional use against wood rotting fungi and wood destroying insects. Users of Lignum Dual Wood Treatment will need overalls, gloves and eye protection. If using timber preservatives with a spray also use respiratory equipment.  Packaged in a 2ltr concentrate, dilute and mix to make 25ltrs of wood preservative

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